Dive into Telco-Grade Performance of VMware Virtualization

VMware ran industry-standard real-time micro-benchmarks, namely cyclictest and oslat, to compare the performance of RAN workloads on VMware vSphere and bare metal and found that performance is equivalent.

Watch 35 Speakers Across 19 Companies Discuss Telco Innovation

On topics ranging from 5G and multi-cloud operations to Edge and RAN, the sessions from the Telco Innovation Summit offer a glimpse into how the industry is addressing some of telecom’s biggest challenges.

Enable Telco Innovation with a Unified Architecture

Multi-Cloud IT Operations for Visibility and Control

Increase business agility and operational efficiency with software-defined data center and hybrid cloud.

Cloud-First Networks for Service Agility

Deliver on-demand, customizable services with a unified telco cloud—from the core and RAN, to the edge and cloud.

Next-Gen Services for Business Model Innovation

Improve customer experiences and increase revenue by expanding your services portfolio.

Network Solutions

Network Solutions

Deliver Robust 5G Services with a Multi-Cloud Network

5G communications have arrived, ready to transform the operations of most every industry on the planet. Along with it, customers expect highly performant and customizable services that will require modern and unified multi-cloud networks. Seize the moment and reinvent your customer relationships with VMware and 5G telco cloud.

Transform the RAN to Enable Multi-Vendor Innovation

To fulfill the promise of 5G, RAN will require the agility, ease of innovation and reduced costs of the cloud. Service providers are starting this transformation with virtualized RAN to increase efficiencies and enable unified automation with the broader network. The next step means progressing toward Open RAN. Strengthen your ability to engage best-of-breed services and technologies and enable multi-vendor automation of end-to-end networks.

Customize Services and Increase Efficiencies with an Intelligent Provider Edge

The three tenants of a 5G network—EMBB, mMTC and URLLC—all require performance at the edge. When unified with the unique capabilities within the public, private and telco clouds, the advanced edge helps to define a horizontal network fabric. This fabric provides smarter endpoints access to an intelligent network with ubiquitous control and consistent infrastructure operations management. With a horizontal platform in place, enable applications based on the needs of the intelligent edge.

VMware counts 17 out of the top 20 Global Communication Service Providers as customers

According to the Omdia CSP Revenue & Capex Tracker (3Q20), VMware counts 17 out of the top 20 Global Communication Service Providers as customers, as tracked by revenue and subscriber base, representing 85% market share.

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