Unify Operations to Accelerate Service Delivery

Accelerate your journey to a digital era rich in opportunity with the VMware telco cloud portfolio. By unifying multi-cloud environments, VMware brings the economics and agility of cloud to service provider networks.

Accelerate Service Innovation

Simplify your journey to cloud native with horizontal automation and a robust ecosystem of verified network functions to accelerate new business models.

Simplify Transforming Network Operations

Reduce operational costs and improve performance and security at mass-scale by leveraging virtual machines in your cloud-native network.

Operate at Scale Without Compromise

Leverage performance equivalent to bare-metal  with no latency tax and additional benefits including centralized performance management and dynamic automation. 

Operationalize Multi-Cloud Agility

Unify control, visibility, and security for multi-cloud networks to increase network efficiencies and improve customer experience.

Transformation Imperatives Enabled by Cloud-First Network Agility

Create More Innovative, Extensible Voice & Data Services

  • A single, consistent horizontal infrastructure
  • Centralized automation
  • Simplified operations
  • Carrier-grade, secure cloud infrastructure

Containers as a Service: Cloud Capitalize on Cloud-Native Technology Without the Complexity

  • Telco-optimized CaaS
  • Cloud-first automation
  • Multi-cloud visibility and consistency
  • Pre-integrated CI/CD capabilities
  • Standardized reference architecture

Expand Your Network with Infrastructure Automation

  • Unified Provisioning
  • Predefined templates for all central, core and edge sites

Unlock Innovation with Modern Dev-Ops Software Approaches

  • Simple, intuitive NF designer
  • Cloud-native service creation tools
  • Automated CI/CD
  • Unified Platform for all cloud and virtualized infrastructure
  • Optimized policy and workload placement for multi-cloud ecosystems
  • Flexible foundation for network slicing

Closed-Loop Automation: Consistently Deliver Superior Customer Services

  • Automate root-cause analysis
  • Adapt to changes dynamically
  • Address the most important problems first
  • Use automation to resolve issues faster

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