Realize RAN Programmability

Gain programmability through disaggregation of control and management functions from the underlying data plane for open modernized RAN.

Choice and Flexibility

Build flexible and future-proof RAN with best-of-breed multi-vendor solutions, protecting investments and improving adaptability of your RAN.

Centralized RAN Intelligence

Simplify your RAN operations, and your life, by optimizing your network utilization with centralized RAN intelligence.

RAN Monetization

Generate monetization opportunities for your business and accelerate innovation by embracing a rich and vibrant application ecosystem.

A RAN Solution of Today and Tomorrow

Transformation and 5G O-RAN

See why Tom Nolle, President and Chief Strategist at CIMI Corp, thinks 5G RAN is the steppingstone to the future.

O-RAN Thought Leadership

Learn what Rob Soni, Head of RAN Architecture at VMware, thinks about the direction O-RAN and VMware RIC is headed towards.

Key Capabilities of RIC


Integrates the RIC with solutions from ecosystem partners while supporting various Kubernetes implementations.


Reduces operational complexity by consolidating all control and management functions of the RAN with open standards.

Tools to Build

Accelerate the development of applications through VMware RIC SDKs with readily available tools and features.

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Ready to Get Started?

Modernize your RAN to be truly open, programmable, and intelligent, built with best-of-breed solutions from a rich ecosystem of partners.