Disaggregate Your RAN with Cloud-Smart Principles

Rearchitect your RAN with a horizontal platform to simplify your operations across distributed RAN sites with automation.

RAN-Optimized Platform

Support vRAN functions with tight RAN partner integration, placing RAN workloads at the best locations to serve their functional purposes.

RAN-Driven Performance

Reduce latency and leverage performance equivalent to bare metal solutions while providing flexibility and agility.

Cloud-Smart Automation

Meet 5G scale requirements with an automation platform that allows you to deploy thousands of distributed RAN sites with ease.

RAN-Focused Ecosystem

Accelerate the time to revenue by removing the complex vRAN functions integration while optimizing the performance and resource utilization.

Intrinsic Security

Safeguard your services by isolating each vRAN function within the virtualization layer, separating its management from other functions.

RAN Assurance

Receive actionable insights for immediate remediation by continuously monitoring and understanding the behavior of your vRAN functions.

Accelerate the Journey to RAN Modernization​

The latest eBook highlights how telco cloud platform ran can enable CSPs to modernize RAN infrastructure and make progress on the journey​.


Optimization for RAN Workloads

Real-time optimization of VMware ESXi, Photon OS, and Tanzu delivers RAN performance matching the bare metal solutions while providing flexible compute resource availability.

RAN Functions Lifecycle Management

Abstraction of complex CI/CD pipeline to enable automated and simplified onboarding and management of your vRAN functions.

Infrastructure Automation and Orchestration

Templates simplify the deployment of cloud infrastructure across your RAN, from cell sites to aggregation sites.

Integrated RAN Solution

Hardened through strenuous integration testing with our RAN partners, the platform boosts performance and optimizes resource utilization.

CaaS Management

Automated discovery, registration and creation of Kubernetes clusters with on-demand provisioning of infrastructure resources tailored to RAN functions.

Automated RAN Assurance

Monitor and manage your cloud infrastructure and multi-vendor vRAN functions for continuous service delivery with close-loop automation, operation, and remediation.

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