Modernize Your Cloud for Web-Scale Speed and Agility

Deploy cloud-native and virtual network functions throughout your 5G networks without disruption, realizing telco-grade resiliency and service availability with a consistent experience. Bring your innovation to the market faster than anybody else with VMware’s cloud-native platform with multi-layer automation.

What Telco Cloud Platform Does

Hybrid CaaS & IaaS Infrastructure

Modernize your cloud to run both CNFs and VNFs side-by-side with the consistent horizontal infrastructure and deploy them throughout 5G networks, from core to edge. Achieve low-latency data plane performance and scaling through enhanced networking with NSX.

Streamlined Cloud-First Automation

Improve efficiency through multi-layer automation from infrastructure, CaaS, network functions, up to services. Radically simplify network operations with integrated lifecycle management automation at each layer of the telco cloud. Maximize cloud resources utilization through intent-based placement and CaaS automation, optimizing the cloud configurations for the workload requirements. Accelerate 5G and edge network deployments with zero-touch provisioning.

Carrier-Grade Kubernetes

Utilize microservices to run your cloud-native applications and CNFs together. Simplify your Kubernetes operations for multi-cloud deployments with centralized management and governance. Take advantage of cloud-native principle to rollout your 5G networks with Multus, Topology Manager, and Kubernetes cluster automation tailored for telco use cases.

Best of Breed Multi-Vendor Ecosystem

Accelerate your deployment of 5G services by removing integration challenges between the platform and network functions through VMware Ready for Telco Cloud program. Ensure network functions are interoperable in accordance with the ETSI-compliant reference architecture. Automate deployment and lifecycle operations with the descriptor, workflow, and resource and commissioning artifact.

Carrier-Grade Networking & Performance

Architect your networks with integrated security for optimum application response times, scale, and service continuity dedicated to each tenant with complete resource isolation. Utilize network virtualization solution, such as virtualized switching, routing, firewalling, and load balancing, with accelerated data plane performance achieved by DPDK and SR-IOV.

How VMware Telco Cloud Platform Works

VMware Telco Cloud Platform 5G Demo

Simplify the Kubernetes operations for multi-cloud deployment with automation while providing centralized management and governance for clusters.



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Network and service automation is key to operationalise 5G multi-cloud networks and digital services at scale.


Zero-Touch Provisioning

Accelerate the infrastructure and CaaS instantiation, simplifying the operations ideal for the expansion of new sites.

Lifecycle Management

Improve operational efficiency by automating provisioning and managing of infrastructure layer, CaaS layer, network functions layer, and network services layer.

CI/CD Pipeline

Deploy, redeploy, and upgrade network functions quickly and reliably, achieving telco-grade resiliency and always-on service availability.

Streamlined Deployment and Maintenance

Accelerate service deployment, simplifies upgrades, and reduces overall costs by transforming integration-intensive projects into efficient product deployment.

Service-Aware Infrastructure

Optimize resource utilization and increase agility by gaining real-time awareness across every aspect of the telco cloud from infrastructure availability to service requirements.


Adjust the underpinning infrastructure availability and resource configurations dynamically based on the requirements of each network function to be deployed.

Tailored Design and Onboarding

Create optimized network function and service TOSCA templates compliant with ETSI standards using a visual blueprint composer.


Ready for Telco Cloud

Ready for Telco Cloud

VMware actively cooperates with multiple VNF vendors including all key NEPs, having them certify in the VMware Ready for Telco Cloud program. This is a comprehensive certification program that ensures interoperability and operational readiness between third-party-developed VNFs. The program helps ensure that CSPs can rapidly onboard and deploy multi-vendor VNFs with VMware's Telco Cloud Infrastructure. VMware Telco Cloud Automation leverages this program to certify interoperability with network function vendors, offering a neutral and pre-tested end-to-end MANO solution.

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