Monetize Private 5G on Telco Edge

Explore the applications and new technologies that VMware Telco Cloud enable. VMware’s edge cloud platform enables multi-cloud operational flexibility; the end-to-end software solution brings the power of private wireless to the enterprise edge.

Flexible & Automated Operating Model

Use multi-layer automation to support various methods of deployments from single to multiple sites, or from centralized to distributed management and control, all with the flexibility and adaptability for a variety of use cases and enterprise requirements.

Unified Private Connectivity & Edge Computing

Enable connectivity and compute to reduce OPEX associated with third-party integrations with a single platform. Extend private wireless with compute capabilities for edge applications through VMware edge compute platform.

Best-of-Breed & Multi-Vendor

Discover greater flexibility, innovation, and vendor optimization with the best-of-breed and multi-vendor solution. Unlock the best offerings from a curated ecosystem of integrated solutions.


Reduce potential network vulnerabilities and limit the threat posed by cyberattacks on operational productivity with private mobile networks. Protect, own, and manage all your data traffic and information with confidence against threats.

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