Bring the Benefits of Cloud to Your RAN Transformation 

Break free from the margin-crushing costs and operational limitations of legacy RAN. VMware is helping service providers bring the economics of cloud to the edges of the network by transforming the RAN. By enabling open interfaces and unifying the RAN with the core and edge clouds, transforming to virtual and open RAN will drive competition and increase innovation.

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Industry Leaders See Early Successes Transforming the RAN

Tim Höttges

Deutsche Telekom AG,
Chief Executive Officer

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Jorge Fernandes

Rogers Communications,
Chief Technology Officer

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Marc Rouanne

DISH Network,
EVP & Chief Network Officer

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Sachin’s Corner: Discussions with the O-RAN Technical Chair 

Scale-Enabling Disaggregation

Disaggregating the RAN enables robust personalized services that proprietary RAN can’t enable, such as cloud gaming, VR streaming and industrial remote control.


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Cost-Saving Programmability

On-demand and robust personalized services require automation to simplify service creation, deployment and operations at reduced cost.


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Revenue-Generating Innovation

Interoperability and open principles are critical to making 5G a reality. O-RAN lowers barriers to entry, creating a healthier ecosystem and easing service innovation.


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Intrinsic Security 

Intrinsic Security at the Dawn of 5G

Intrinsic Security at the Dawn of 5G

With the proliferation of 5G comes an increase of connections and data. By extension, the security risk landscape changes. VMware technology helps you implement security controls for the virtualization plane and its management and orchestration—from the core and RAN to the edge and cloud.

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O-RAN Analyst Report: Why the Future is Open

O-RAN Analyst Report: Why the Future is Open

This report published by Appledore Research explores the impact that 2020 had on the telecom industry and how new initiatives are in momentum to establish a more open radio access network (O-RAN). Read more about how 2021 will be a critical year in which open RAN really begins to change the shape of the telecoms market.

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