Rapid Insights at Lower Costs

Telco Cloud Operations provides communications service providers (CSPs) and large enterprises the operational intelligence they need to manage their multi-vendor virtual, physical and SD-WAN networks as one, to rapidly resolve network performance issues and ensure consistent delivery of services to subscribers.

End-to-End Assurance

See how VMware Telco Cloud Operations provides operations teams with the end-to-end visibility and assurance they need to holistically manage complex, multi-vendor virtual and physical networks.

SD-WAN Assurance

See how VMware Telco Cloud Operations cuts through the layers of your network to effectively manage your SD-WAN and IP & MPLS networks as one.

VoLTE Assurance & Analytics

Improve service performance monitoring and better meet SLAs with Telco Cloud Operations’ integrated management of the VNF solution vIMS for Voice over LTE.

Multi-Tenancy Reporting

Provide secure segregated access for each tenant.  Auto-discovery of multiple tenants and services.  Issue isolation and impact assessment across the network.

Benefits of Telco Cloud Operations

Single Pane of Glass Management

VMware Telco Cloud Operations provides integrated service monitoring and network management from end-to-end. It correlates physical devices such as hosts, switches and routers with virtual environments such as SD-WAN, SDN, NFV, and VMs providing operations teams with rapid insight and automated actions. Ultra-fast deployment means teams are up and running quickly.

Discovers Physical and Virtual Topologies

With advanced auto-discovery capabilities, VMware Telco Cloud Operations can discover the topology of a complex, multi-vendor network – physical, virtual, tenants and services - and present operators with a comprehensive, graphical topology view. Changes to the network are automatically detected and the topology updated. Over 4000 devices are supported.

Performance Management & Analytics

Machine learning-based analytics reveal network performance insights across network domains. Operations teams can easily visualize performance analytics for networks and services and device statistics in a customizable graphical user interface. VMware Telco Cloud Operations automatically determines performance baselines and generates notifications when anomalous behavior is detected for better application performance.

Manages Multi-Tenancy, Multi-Vendor Environments

VMware Telco Cloud Operations provides multi-tenancy and multi-vendor support so CSPs can monitor and proactively manage multiple customers with diverse environments within a single eco-system. This transparency enables CSPs to visualize, analyze and optimize their environments to enable faster resolution times, provide high availability and meet stringent SLAs.

Automates Root Cause Analysis

VMware Telco Cloud Operations provides automated root cause analysis of network incidents across service, physical, and virtual cloud environments for faster problem isolation and remediation. Extraneous alarms are automatically suppressed and root causes rapidly identified across domains. There are no static rules to be maintained, simplifying operations and reducing costly rules-upkeep.

Triggers Automated Actions

Through integration with orchestration tools such as SD-WAN orchestrators or SDN controllers, VNF managers, NFV orchestrators and OSS systems, VMware Telco Cloud Operations can trigger automated, closed-loop actions for fast remediation of service. When VMware Telco Cloud Operations detects an issue, it will raise an alert and automatically request an action via the corresponding OSS system.

How VMware Telco Cloud Operations Works

End-to-end assurance to holistically manage your virtual & physical networks as one. Gain cross-tier insight and cohesively monitor the health of services that span multiple layers of your network to ensure maximum performance.

Features of Telco Cloud Operations

SD-WAN Monitoring

VMware Telco Cloud Operations supports the monitoring of multi-vendor SD-WAN enterprise services including VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud and Cisco Viptela. It is fully integrated for multi-tenant support and fault management and provides issue isolation and impact assessment across the network.

Increases Uptime & Reduces MTTI and MTTR

VMware Telco Cloud Operations automatically determines the relationship between services, protocols and infrastructure to rapidly identify to the root cause of issues and provide a prescriptive diagnosis. Events are prioritized based on customer, cost and service impact so that network operators can focus on the most important issues at hand and stay ahead of customer calls.

NFV Assurance

VMware Telco Cloud Operations integrates with VMware Telco Cloud Infrastructure for an intelligent approach to multi-tenant and distributed NFV Assurance, supporting multi-vendor virtual compute (vSphere), virtual networking (NSX-T), VMware Integrated OpenStack (VIO), VMware vCloud Director (vCD), and OpenStack solutions.

SLA Management

With real-time performance metrics and machine-learning baselining, anomaly detection and alerting, VMware Telco Cloud Operations gives operations teams the insights they need to keep pace with today’s dynamic networks and preempt issues before customers are impacted.

Self Adapting Engine

Rather than using a rules-based engine that needs to be continuously updated, VMware Telco Cloud Operations uses an advanced multi-dimensional deterministic model-based engine that automatically adapts to managed systems. Collecting thousands of events, it correlates these with known patterns and signatures and identifies where the root of the problem lies. 

Virtual EPC Assurance

VMware Telco Cloud Operations extends a service-centric common information model for vEPC supporting network services for 4G LTE and VoLTE, correlated across several layers such as VNF components, VIM tenancy, cloud infrastructure, and physical network for root cause analysis and issue isolation.

Business Impact Analysis

VMware Telco Cloud Operations allows the operator to assign priority business impact scores to tenants and services who may have contracted higher-value services and SLAs. It will automatically prioritize incidents for those tenants based on the impact analysis for faster remediation of services.

Configuration Management

VMware Telco Cloud Operations automatically discovers network device configurations, keeps a back-up of these configurations and performs continuous audits to ensure compliance. Network managers can upgrade multiple devices simultaneously and do bulk configuration changes.


VMware Telco Cloud Operations is a holistic service assurance solution that allows communications service providers (CSPs) and large enterprises to monitor and manage both their traditional physical infrastructure and new virtual networks as one.  Based on a micro-services architecture, Telco Cloud Operations provides customers flexibility and scale.

VMware Telco Cloud Operations provides an automated approach to operational intelligence to reduce operational expenses, increase uptime, meet SLAs and operationalize new services faster. VMware Telco Cloud Operations automatically discovers the topology of a complex, multivendor network - including the physical, virtual and services layers - and presents the user with a comprehensive, graphical topology view.  Leveraging an advanced self-adapting engine, VMware Telco Cloud Operations automatically identifies the root causes of problems within the network, prioritizes them according to business impact, suppresses extraneous alarms, notifies the operator, and integrates with OSS and orchestration tools to take closed-loop actions. 

VMware Telco Cloud Operations provides a rich set of performance analytics, baselining, dynamic thresholding, anomaly detection and alerting based on machine learning.  A few sample use cases of performance management analytics include: 

  • Packet loss and jitter impacting SD-WAN 
  • Increase in vCPU contention and increase in memory usage
  • Decline in bandwidth consumption on physical router interface (due to BGP re-configuration) 
  • Increase in interface utilization and discard rate of specific interfaces
  • Spikes in traffic causing an increase in high packet rate causing high utilization in the interface
  • NetFlow information such as jitter, latency and packet loss, from any device that supports NetFlow

Yes, incidents can be prioritized by the operator based on business impact and customer type. VIP customers, organizations and certain locations can be prioritized depending on business requirements.

Automatic root cause analysis is a key component of the move to intelligent operations as CSPs continue their journey from physical to cloud infrastructures. Network operators need to rapidly identify the true cause of problems across physical, virtual and service layers and cannot afford to spend hours doing so. VMware Telco Cloud Operations helps operators with the ability to identify real problems rather than symptoms within seconds and allows for immediate remediation. Rather than presenting thousands of separate alarms and alerts from a plethora of tools to the user, VMware Telco Cloud Operations collects all of the events in the background, correlates them all against the discovered topology of the network, and identifies the root cause of the problem. It then correlates the root cause to both the services impacted and the tenant/customers affected, notifying the operator and triggering actions as desired. This allows the operator to prioritize their responses according to the business impact. For example, customers who have contracted higher-value services and SLAs would take priority. All of this is done in real-time to maximize uptime and the customer’s QoS. 

Yes, VMware Telco Cloud Operations integrates performance analytics and vivid reporting dashboards for proactive assurance. Using machine learning, VMware Telco Cloud Operations automatically establishes dynamic performance baselines, identifies anomalies and alerts operators when anomalous behavior is detected. Because VMware Telco Cloud Operations has contextual view of both the underlay and overlay network, operators can accurately triage situations and take proactive actions to prevent serious impacts to application performance. 

Yes, VMware Telco Cloud Operations is built on readily available VMware technologies.  The system is deployed as a virtual appliance, in a private or public cloud environment, with a set of microservices running, using industry standard container build and management capabilities internally. 

VMware Telco Cloud Operations features provide direct benefits for communications service providers’ (CSPs) network operations teams. First, VMware Telco Cloud Operations provides a holistic view of the network, with the ability to trace services across multiple delivery domains, monitoring and managing the network at the transport, physical, virtual and services layer (including SD-WAN).  It maps the network infrastructure to the corresponding services and maintains an accurate topology and relationship mapping.

As a result of the increased network visibility and service to infrastructure relationship understanding, network operators can increase network uptime and reduce mean time to identify and remediate network issues. VMware Telco Cloud Operations provides a prescriptive diagnosis of true network problems through its automated root cause analysis capabilities, rather than presenting all the symptoms for the operator to sift through. It also integrates with orchestration tools such as SD-WAN orchestrators, NFV orchestrators, VNF-M and OSS systems to provide correlated visibility of incidents and automate remediation steps.

As communications service providers (CSPs) are in the midst of their transformation to 5G digital service providers (DSPs), the demands for agility, rapid response to an ever-changing landscape and optimization of costs are business imperatives. To meet these demands, CSPs are deploying more agile software defined networks, container-based applications and launching new services such as software defined wide area networks (SD-WAN). In addition, they must support new IoT and Edge applications that require high-performance, low-latency networks, while maintaining core networks built on traditional devices and services. The complexity and cost of operationalizing, monitoring and managing all these heterogeneous networks has increased exponentially. It is no longer scalable to rely on monolithic management tools with manual processes and scripts. An intelligent, integrated and automated approach to service assurance is required. VMware Telco Cloud Operations meets this exact need.

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