Empower Edge Cloud Networks to Generate Revenue

VMware Telco Cloud enables CSPs to have the freedom to build and deploy any applications in any cloud from the core datacenter to the telco edge, while maintaining the highest level of consistency for infrastructure, operations and developer experience. Faster time to market, lower TCO. Extend your reach and create new revenue streams while increasing network efficiency with a robust edge cloud.
Reduce False Positives

Multi-Cloud Flexibility

Freedom to build and deploy any apps in any cloud. Increase flexibility and portability of applications, then deploy and manage across multiple clouds with consistent infrastructure.

Improve Utilization of Compute Capacity

Intrinsic Security

Protect distributed users, data and applications against threats at all levels. Virtualize your network security stack and gain protection that is intrinsic to the infrastructure for mitigating risks and meeting compliance requirements.

Gain Elastic Throughput

End-to-end Automated Service Assurance

Simplify monitoring and performance management of distributed telco edge with real-time assurance. Correlate virtual services with underlying infrastructure. Optimize performance with integrated AI/ML-based performance analytics and automated fault analysis.

Multi-Layer Automation

Reduce OpEx and speed time to market with orchestration, automation, centralized management, zero-touch provisioning, CI/CD pipeline, and lifecycle management in service-aware infrastructure.

Simplify Your Network Architecture

Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

Increase agility and reduce silos with common and consistent hybrid infrastructure running both VNFs and CNFs from core to edge. Maximize edge resources across multiple applications while reducing cost.

Innovation Partners

Accelerate innovation and revenue growth. Partnership with technology and market leaders. Reduce cost and integrated risks with standard-based architecture, pre-integrated solutions and over 200 certified CNFs and VNFs. Faster time to deploy with optimal performance.

Join us in Building the Open Grid

The Open Grid is a multi-sector alliance that aims to rearchitect the internet to enable 5G and beyond. 

Learn how the Edge is Enabling the Innovation Age

Watch VMware CTO, Mariam Sorond, as she addresses how the network modernization will enable proliferation at the edge.

Monetize on Telco Edge

Media Entertainment

Edge opportunities for media and entertainment include ultra-HD live TV and video streaming, VR and AR gaming and learning, and mobile entertainment.


Common use cases in healthcare include secure patient data access and monitoring, telehealth remote diagnostics, and 3D collaboration and operations.


New opportunities are rising in autonomous production analytics and control, inventory and shipment logistics and forecasts, and secure communications and collaboration.


Autonomous equipment control and analytics, continuous location services, and reliable field communications are common new services to support mining customers. 


Provide robotic assisted restocking and inventory, AI/ML customer buying behaviour and recommendations and secure cashless cashier and payment.

Safety & Emergency

Drone air surveillance is under demand in the safety industry along with location services for rescue missions, and reliable field communications.

Discover the Telco Cloud Partner Ecosystem

Reduce time to market, integration cost, and risks with pre-integrated, certified ecosystem partner solutions.

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