5G provides an opportunity for you to reinvent your role in the communications landscape—new customer relationships, new partnerships, new business models.

5G provides an opportunity for you to reinvent your role in the communications landscape—new customer relationships, new partnerships, new business models. Get a flexible foundation to adapt to a changing world.

Design, Deploy, Operate and Optimize 5G 


Flexible to the 5G Core: Control and Automation to Do 5G Your Way

Ignite Your 5G Deployments with the VMware Telco Cloud Operate and Monetize 5G Multi-Cloud Networks with Agility, Automation, and Assurance.

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Cloud-First Agility and Scalability



Create new services with ease and partner with new innovative technology providers.



Scale easily without compromising performance.



Deliver experiences faster, with unparalleled quality of service.



Protect networks and services with built-in security.


Incident Response

Identify and correct network issues before they affect customers.



Improve network efficiency while reducing operating costs.

Monetize 5G Services

Private Cellular Networks

Private Cellular Networks

VMware Telco Cloud helps you meet enterprise private network and mobility needs with data sovereignty and security.

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VMware SD-WAN helps you deliver high-performance branch access to cloud services, data centers and enterprise web applications.

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Digital Workspace

Digital Workspace

Digital workspace solutions from VMware can help you furnish enterprise customers with an intuitive digital workspace.

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Endpoint Protection

Endpoint Protection

Provide your enterprise customers with endpoint protection that adapts to their needs with VMware Carbon Black.

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Strategies to Navigate the 5G World from the Economist Intelligence Unit

Now is the time to harness 5G business opportunities. To support the creation of actionable strategies to gain a competitive advantage, VMware worked with the Economist Intelligence Unit to create an Executive 5G Playbook.

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Rogers is 5G Ready

Rogers discusses how 5G is here and has brought the new digital economy with it.

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Deutsche Telekom Helps Customers Embrace Digital Transformation

Tim Höttges, CEO of Deutsche Telekom, is passionately committed to the roll out of 5G; believing connectivity plays an important societal role.

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5G Catalysts: Telco Cloud and Edge Trends

This Futuriom report dives into the up and coming trends for 5G, Cloud, and Edge in 2021 and the future.

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Cloud Flexibility from the Core to the RAN

Delivering the personalized services expected of 5G requires a highly dynamic and performant network free of resource silos. With the transformation of 5G core architecture well underway, it’s time to liberate the radio access network.

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Products to Simplify Your Multi-Cloud 5G Deployments

Mware helps you manage the complexity of transforming your network. With virtualization, cloud and container technologies, the VMware portfolio delivers a horizontal platform that simplifies multi-cloud deployments. Unified automation and orchestration manage multi-vendor networks, streamline operations and provide cloud-native technology to empower you to succeed with 5G.

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Enable Your Network for 5G and Beyond 

Future-Ready Networks: Build 5G to Enable 6G

One of the driving forces behind digital transformation is removing network silos to decrease costs, increase efficiencies, and inspire innovation. While enabling 5G to deliver enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB), massive machine-type communications (mMTC), and ultra-reliable low-latency communications (URLLC), VMware is keeping an eye on the 6G horizon to help make sure your 5G network doesn’t become another silo.

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Intrinsic Security for Telco Clouds at the Dawn of 5G

With the proliferation of 5G comes an increase in connections and data. By extension, the security risk landscape changes. VMware technology helps you implement and automate security controls for the virtualization plane and its management and orchestration—from the inside out.

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