Realize Your Multi-Cloud Vision

Reduce costly and time-consuming workload refactoring when migrating your workloads to a public cloud with the power of VMware Cloud on AWS.

Adapt to Changes Quickly

Incorporate public cloud as a part of your 5G, hosting both telco and IT workloads. Scale your networks, expand your footprint, and enter new markets fast without upfront infrastructure investments.

Maintain Choice and Flexibility

Determine where to deploy your workloads to best serve their functional purposes without refactoring them. Maintain full control of your workloads and services while aligning to your business needs.

Reduce Complexities, Costs and Risks

Maintain consistent operations with automation. Decrease the number of your data centers while having the ability to scale, both in and out, infrastructure capacity on-demand.

Consistent Cloud-First Solution for Your Multi-Cloud

Making Telco Multi-Cloud a Reality

Achieve consistent and seamless multi-cloud management and operations with VMware Cloud on AWS.

Multi-Cloud Offers a Smarter Approach

Embrace a multi-cloud strategy. Explore the 3 key benefits you gain by creating cloud partnerships with hyperscalers.

Key Capabilities of The Telco Cloud Platform

Data Center Extension

Adapt to ever-changing business landscapes and customer demands with ease. Seamlessly migrate your workloads from on-premises telco cloud to public cloud.

Workload Portability

Migrate your workloads bi-directionally between on-premises telco cloud and public cloud without expensive and time-consuming workload refactoring.

On-Demand Capacity

Quickly scale capacity up and down with ease by utilizing public cloud. All driven by your business growth plan and change in traffic patterns.

Platform Consistency

Accelerate your cloud migrations with a consistent platform and operations – between on-premises telco cloud and public cloud – across your 4G, 5G, and beyond.


Limited Time Pricing for I3. Metal Hosts

Reduce your cost of ownership of cloud infrastructure, for vSphere-based workloads, with 15% off for i3. metal hosts across all VMware Cloud on AWS regions.

The Business Value of Hybrid Cloud

Discover for yourself the value that current VMware customers achieve with VMware Cloud on AWS for hybrid cloud.

Solution Brief: VMware Cloud on AWS

Explore the value of running, managing, and securing production applications in a seamlessly integrated IT environment.

Unicorn Case Study

Transform your network with the latest 5G and edge innovations to become a digital service provider unicorn.

Ready to Get Started?

Run your workloads on public cloud with ease while keeping consistent operations across your core, edge, RAN, and public cloud.