What Telco Cloud Infrastructure Delivers

Consistent & Horizontal Infrastructure

Transform your telco cloud with best-of-breed multi-vendor VNFs. Deploy VNFs across your networks, from core to edge, to support your customers’ requirements and grow your business now. Simplify your operations with consistency.

Intent-Based Service Assurance

Implement continuous performance optimization based on business and operational intent. Improve capacity utilization through real-time predictive capacity analytics and automatic resource reclamation. Realize 360-degree network visibility with automatic topology discovery, converged overlay and underlay visibility, and real-time network insights.

Accelerated Performance & Scale

Architect your networks for optimum application throughput, response times, scale, and service continuity using resource guarantee, monitoring, and closed loop remediation. Achieve low-latency data plane performance and scaling through enhanced networking with NSX.

Automated Lifecycle Management

Simplify infrastructure deployments across your networks, from core to edge, with Telco Cloud Automation. Automate provisioning of new sites as well as network expansion through pre-set templates and zero-touch provisioning.

Cloud-First Secure Telco Network

Deliver your applications and services, when and where needed, with consistent connectivity with integrated security, QoS, and automation. Share horizontal infrastructure across multiple tenants for flexible deployments. Achieve complete tenant isolation with policy-based allocation of segmented compute, storage, and networking resources.

Modernize Your Cloud with Future-Proof NFV

Telco Cloud Infrastructure

This latest solution brief highlights how Telco Cloud Infrastructure can empower communications service providers to succeed in a Multi-Cloud world. Learn more about:


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  • VMware Ready for Telco Cloud
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How Does Telco Cloud Infrastructure Work?

How Does Telco Cloud Infrastructure Work?


Ready for Telco Cloud Partner Program

Ready for Telco Cloud Partner Program

VMware actively cooperates with multiple VNF vendors including all key NEPs, having them certify in the VMware Ready for Telco Cloud program. This is a comprehensive certification program that ensures interoperability and operational readiness between third-party-developed VNFs. The program helps ensure that CSPs can rapidly onboard and deploy multi-vendor VNFs with VMware's Telco Cloud Infrastructure. VMware Telco Cloud Automation leverages this program to certify interoperability with network function vendors, offering a neutral and pre-tested end-to-end MANO solution.

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